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Finally, finally, Todd got off his ass and updated the site. There are another 8 galleries in the kids section, and another 14 in the trips section. 220 panoramic photos on rotation up top. If you're interested you can see about 70 of them on Google Earth via Panoramio. There's also a couple more galleries in the Photos section, with a very recent one of the bones at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller.

Todd's enjoying working at Entero with a nice gang of folks doing interesting things as Product Manager with Entero on Mosaic, their Petroleum Engineering Reserves, Budgeting and Economics software. Sue is living it up as a Senior Implementation Manager Policy Works and their brokerage Commercial Management software.

Smiling Albino again has another banner year. With trips into Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal and Tibet. Take an adventure on a bike or motorbike, take your family with you, or work with Smiling Albino to design the trip of a lifetime. Peruse the Blog, the Photo Archive, facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube.

Swag, Stuff, Fashions

Having given up on the high annoyance at Cafe Press and their arbitrary rules and useless support I've moved our stuff to where they make things easy and fun and generally a raft of superlatives. Visit the main store and check out nifty tshirts like:


A table of beer bottle, can and serving sizes to the larger Projects collection.

And if you want to something to read or some place to eat, check our new endorsements of Online Media and Calgary Restaurants that we're willing to stake our reputations on.

Kids - Marijka and Gus

Marijka is now 4 and is very active, and not really afraid of much at all, including random unusual animals like really big spiders, but for some strange reason is still (quite reasonably) afraid on random dogs. Gus is now a whopping 6 and starts grade one in the fall. We've got pictures of Gus's and Marijka's birthdays, and many months of random shots in the Kids section. Updated as of mid-summer 2011.


We've updated our panoramic selection this September with now with over 220 images. There are the beginnings of various photos series taken over the past few years. And we've changed the layout of the trips page to be a bit more uniform with updates from our last 8 trips...

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Updated: Apr-20-10
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